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FVV Live: Free Viewpoint Videosystem

Explore the revolution in immersive video technology with “FVV Live: Free Viewpoint Video System,”. Developed by the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes (GTI) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), this groundbreaking technology will transform entertainment and beyond. Discover how this cost-effective, real-time system is breaking barriers in how we experience video, offering limitless perspectives and possibilities for engagement. […]

2024-06-07T16:21:50+00:00February 2, 2024|Technical Insights|

XReco Consortium’s Day 2: Forging ahead in Amsterdam

Get ready for the exciting Day 2 of the XReco Consortium in Amsterdam! They’re reshaping XR narratives, immersing themselves in immersive journalism and mixing the past with the present. Timisoara becomes the XR Innovation Centre as legal and technical discussions drive the XReco vision. The General Assembly seals its unity. However, amongst the hard work, there is still a lot of fun to be found. Enter the future of XR – stay tuned! […]

2024-06-07T16:17:13+00:00October 4, 2023|Behind the Scenes|

XReco’s Approach to Design and Exploitation

XReco (eXtended Reality mEdia eCOsystem) is an ecosystem for frictionless and permissioned 2D and 3D content transformation, creation, curation, and transaction. Our streamlined and efficient integration of technology results in improved content creation and search and retrieval, and thus a more efficient pipeline for customers and users. […]

2024-06-07T16:14:03+00:00May 10, 2023|Events|

NeRF and XReco: Transforming Immersive Content

Explore the innovative world of XR content creation with XReco’s NeRF testing. Join FFP Productions as they evaluate the capabilities of Neural Radiance Fields Technology (NeRF) and its potential impact on immersive experiences. Discover the fusion of 2D and 3D realms, blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. Watch the video to see the progress and possibilities. […]

2024-06-07T16:30:10+00:00April 1, 2023|Project Updates|

Shaping the Future of Media: XReco Consortium gathers in Barcelona

The XReco consortium has made it its mission to transform XR content creation and make it easier to integrate it into the media industry. The second on-site meeting in Barcelona was a defining moment on this journey. Consortium members met at the i2CAT Foundation headquarters to define the technical architecture of their future ecosystem. The meeting triggered lively discussions and reflections on how to realise the planned intentions of the project. […]

2024-06-07T16:20:08+00:00February 10, 2023|Behind the Scenes|

Immersive Tech Week 2022 showcases XReco: The Future of XR Media

XReco made waves at Immersive Tech Week 2022 in Rotterdam, redefining the possibilities of XR media content.

With a focus on sustainability and universal access, XReco aims to enhance production tools, improve content search and access, and foster data-driven sharing with fair copyright management. From the XReco consortium, Marlene Bart (XReco Communication Lead and Managing Director of Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg) and Patrick de Lange (XReco Exploitation Lead and Founder & CEO of Sound) presented the project to the Immersive Tech Week visitors and received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. […]

2024-06-07T16:15:01+00:00December 14, 2022|Events|
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