The XReco consortium has made it its mission to transform XR content creation and make it easier to integrate it into the media industry. The second on-site meeting in Barcelona was a defining moment on this journey. Consortium members met at the i2CAT Foundation headquarters to define the technical architecture of their future ecosystem. The meeting triggered lively discussions and reflections on how to realise the planned intentions of the project.

Dealing with the rights management challenges

During the General Assembly, members held lively discussions, exchanged expertise, and developed ideas for the implementation of the ambitious project. In particular, the challenges of intellectual property rights, data protection, and copyright were discussed, with a focus on the use of blockchain technology for notarisation and smart legal contracts to address rights management issues.

Brainstorming about the authoring tool

In addition, at the assembly, the features of the authoring tool were explored as to how it can improve the XR content creation process. By automating workflows and providing intuitive features, as well as AI-powered technologies, the authoring tool aims to support content creators and simplify the content production process.

Refining Demonstrator Cases

During the General Assembly, the XReco consortium explored innovative ideas and defined the demonstration cases. These demonstration cases serve as tangible examples of the transformative potential of XReco and push the boundaries of the potential applicability of XR technologies. By implementing these cases, the consortium aims to set new standards in XR content production and achieve breakthrough advances.

Shaping the Future of XR

With the goal of redefining the industry of XR, the XReco project is steadily gaining momentum. The consortium aims to launch a new era of immersive experiences and revolutionise the way XR content is created and consumed. By exploiting their collective vision and expertise, XReco is shaping the future of XR and opening new possibilities for immersive technologies.


The XReco consortium reached a crucial milestone in its mission to revolutionise XR content creation during its meeting in Barcelona. The consortium has been working on defining the technical architecture of its ecosystem, addressing the challenges of rights management, refining the features of its authoring tool, and elaborating on its demonstration examples. With the support of an impressive network of partners, XReco is capable of delivering groundbreaking advances in XR technology and shaping the future of media production. Stay tuned for XReco’s next chapter in XR content creation.

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