Exploring Seamless Data Integration with XReco’s Metasearch Service

Eviden introduces a pioneering metasearch service for the XReco project, designed to significantly enhance how users access and interact with information from multiple sources. This advanced service consolidates search results from various internal and public sources into a single, streamlined interface, facilitating a more efficient and comprehensive search experience. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the service further refines these results, re-ranking them based on relevance to deliver superior search outcomes that align closely with user queries. […]

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XRECO Blockchain-Based Rights Management

The XRECO project deploys several tools that aim at facilitating data sharing and fostering the creation of new content in the media domain. Generating novel content from multiple sources, especially in an AI enabled automatic (or semiautomatic) way, implies crucial challenges in terms of the definition of ownership and monetization rights, to ascertain which rights are associated with given content items, and how such content can be (re)used and monetized. The Rights and Monetization Management components, based on Blockchain technology, have the goal of associating content in XRECO with licenses for their use and of assisting in the automated management of license clauses to support content monetization in conjunction with the business models covered by the project. […]

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XReco and the Authoring Tool: enabling fast Workflows for XR Content Creation

The intention of the XReco project is to revolutionize XR content creation in the media industry, by providing creators with new and easier to use tools and possibilities. One example is the Unity Authoring Tool which we will take a closer look at in this article. What might also be interesting is what prompts a company such as Unity Technologies to participate in the XReco project? […]

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