XReco is an innovative ecosystem that revolutionises XR content production and media data management. By combining advanced, AI Based, technologies, XReco opens up new possibilities in extended reality for media creators.

XR and immersive experience designer will be able to search for 3D assets, in a way that fully complies with the immersive nature of the content, thanks to the neural based search, with the possibility of using the asset in their design, but also to create ew ones, thanks to the Ai powered XR content creation services.

Finally, also live immersive components can be integrated, like humans transmitted as holograms or immersive free viewpoint video. In this article, we look at the components that underpin XReco and shape its vision for reshaping content creation and media data management, but first, please have a look at the video demo!

The main components of the Xreco ecosystem:
Neural Media Repository (NMR) and Rights Management

At the heart of XReco is the Neural Media Repository (NMR), a state-of-the-art, AI-powered content-sharing platform. Using neural technology, the NMR enables seamless search and retrieval of media content based on visual analytics, geometric features, and correlations within XR and media content. With its Rights and Monetisation Management System, XReco also solves ownership and monetisation issues by ensuring the proper allocation of IP rights to content providers.

NeRF, 3D Reconstruction, and content enhancement

XReco harnesses the power of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) to create implicit 3D scene representations from sparse 2D views. This technology revolutionises XR content creation by enabling users to create immersive three-dimensional experiences from a diverse collection of photos sourced from NMR, working beside more traditional 3D reconstruction algorithms, capable of providing accurate representations of 3D assets. In addition, XReco improves the quality of content by compensating for different lighting conditions and merging images taken at different times, resulting in coherent and visually stunning XR media.

Holoportation and Free Viewpoint Video

XReco introduces captivating live features such as Holoportation and Free Viewpoint Video (FVV) systems. Holoportation goes beyond traditional video conferencing and enables real-time immersion in remote XR scenarios. Holoportation allows people to be projected volumetrically into XR environments, creating a real sense of presence. FVV, on the other hand, allows users to navigate through a recorded scene in real-time, giving them the freedom to experience different points of view within the XR environment. These technologies redefine storytelling and broadcasting and open up unlimited creative possibilities.

Authoring tools for media broadcasting and tourism

XReco simplifies media broadcasting and tourism content creation workflows with intuitive authoring tools. The Media Broadcasting Authoring Tool enables industry professionals to seamlessly use XReco technologies. It enables search, retrieval, XR content creation and timeline editing, streamlining the production process. Similarly, the Tourism Authoring Tool facilitates the creation of XR-based experiences by allowing users to search for relevant content, create new XR media and integrate it seamlessly into tourism applications.


By integrating the Neural Media Repository, 3D Reconstruction, NeRF, Holoportation, FVV and authoring tools, XReco provides an ecosystem that revolutionises the creation and management of XR content. This groundbreaking platform enables media creators to unleash their creativity and deliver compelling and engaging experiences to audiences. With XReco, XR content creation enters a new era of limitless possibilities and changes the way we consume and engage with media content.