Get ready for the exciting Day 2 of the XReco Consortium in Amsterdam! They’re reshaping XR narratives, immersing themselves in immersive journalism and mixing the past with the present. Timisoara becomes the XR Innovation Centre as legal and technical discussions drive the XReco vision. The General Assembly seals its unity. However, amongst the hard work, there is still a lot of fun to be found. Enter the future of XR – stay tuned!

Morning Insights: Division with a Purpose

As the second day of the XReco Consortium’s meeting in Amsterdam unfolds, an unmistakable energy fills the room. After a warm welcome, the consortium quickly divides into two dynamic groups for their first breakout session.

News Media and Broadcasting Demonstrator: Shaping the User Journey

One group begins their session by sculpting an immersive narrative for XR within an upcoming demonstrator. The focus was on crafting a compelling use case, depicting the seamless blending of real-time disaster footage with 3D models generated from archived content. This narrative paints a vivid picture of the XR future, where past and present converge. It envisions journalists reporting from immersive XR news studios and presenting 3D objects alongside traditional video coverage. While some choices remain open, one thing is certain: interactivity is key. Users won’t merely watch; they will actively engage, with the power to “display and explore” 3D objects within their own space. This vision promises a future where XR storytelling transcends passive observation, fully immersing users in the narrative. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovation from XReco.

Tourism and Mobility Demonstrator: A Journey to Timisoara

Simultaneously, the second group engages in a vibrant discussion to define the strategy for the Tourism and Mobility Demonstrator. This exciting project is set to unfold in Timisoara, Romania, the current European Capital of Culture. The enthusiastic discussions revolve around how XReco can revolutionize the tourism and mobility sector, offering fresh perspectives on everyday life.

Deep Dives in the Afternoon: Driven by Purpose

After a well-deserved lunch break, the consortium reunites for the second and final session of the day. Once again, the teams disperse, each with a distinct mission.

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Rights Management

One group dives headfirst into the complex terrain of rights management. Intellectual property rights, copyright management, and asset monetization take center stage in their discussions. Their mission is clear: to construct a robust framework that ensures legal compliance and equitable monetization within the XReco ecosystem.

Building the XR Future: Technical Implementation

Concurrently, the other group dons their technical hats to explore the intricacies of XReco’s technical components. Lively discussions span from system architecture to data integration, ensuring the project’s technical backbone matches its ambitious goals.

United Front: The General Assembly

In the final hours of the day, the consortium gathers for its official general assembly, resulting in minor changes and decisions, all unanimously adopted. This underscores the consortium’s unwavering motivation and unity in the pursuit of XR innovation.

Productivity Meets Fun

Throughout the day, the atmosphere remains productive and harmonious. Amid breakout sessions, consortium members find moments to relax, share insights, and even enjoy a spirited game of table football. This mix of diligent work and team spirit reinforces the common goal that drives XReco.

Of course, it was a must to end the day with a delicious dinner. Consortium members met near the Sound offices and enjoyed a good meal together, where lively discussions were held about potential developments in the technologies.

As the day concludes, it is abundantly clear that these dedicated experts are not just imagining the XR future; they are actively shaping it, one breakthrough at a time. Stay tuned and follow XReco’s journey into the XR frontier.