Join us at XReco’s General Assembly in Amsterdam to explore progress tracking, Human-Centered Design, and ethical AI principles. With Demonstrator Storyboards showcasing XR’s potential and exciting demonstrator sessions, the XReco project is aiming for a future of extended reality while staying grounded in ethical excellence.

Overview: Tracking Progress and Staying True to Ambitious Goals

The XReco project reached a pivotal moment in its journey with the third General Assembly, held in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. This gathering brought together consortium members and partners to reflect on achievements and set a course for the future. The assembly began with an inspiring overview of major results and topics, reaffirming XReco’s ambitious goals and unwavering commitment to their promise to the European Commission. While significant progress has been made, there’s no shortage of work ahead, as illustrated by the unveiling of their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracker.

Putting Humans at the Center: Human-Centered Design (HCD)

A standout moment during the assembly was a presentation on Human-Centered Design (HCD). Sound, a key figure for the impact maximisation within the project, took the stage to shed light on the principles and practices of HCD. By applying design principles on the business development side of the project a more target audience and user centred product will be the result.

Ethical AI in Focus: Trustworthy AI Principles

At the XReco General Assembly in Amsterdam, legal rights experts Leander from Ku Leuven and Theo from shone a light on the importance of ethical AI principles. They discussed the European Union’s dedication to ethical AI regulation (ALTAI), highlighting how XReco, right from its inception, aligns with these principles. This commitment underscores XReco’s mission to prioritize trustworthiness and ethical excellence, setting a responsible standard for AI use in the realm of extended reality.

If you want to dive deeper into the topic and learn more about the ethic guidelines click here. And to read more about the assessment list click here.

Demonstrator Storyboards: Showcasing XR Innovation

At the assembly, the project teams presented their work on captivating demonstrator storyboards. In the area of mobility/tourism, the challenges of hardware were addressed. In addition, Zaubar, Atos and Continental showcased their innovative approach to storytelling by integrating Timisoara’s rich history into the demonstrator.

In the media/news sector, the focus was on Deutsche Welle’s project trip to demonstrate the use of XReco’s 3D reconstruction tools in the context of journalistic work, using the Humboldt Forum and its past as an example. Rai’s Superga project was another item in the discussion, which underlines how ambitious the XReco project is even in the demonstration.