Quick and Easy Virtual Studio Productions with XReco

Imagine you could be standing in front of a building that no longer exists. Look at it from all sides. Which one do you see? A skyscraper? An old church? As part of XReco’s News Media Demonstrator, the DW team chose the former Palace of the Republic, a building that hosted the parliament of East Germany from 1976 to 1990 in Berlin. They recreated it as a 3D model with XReco technologies and are showcasing it in a professional broadcasting studio. Keep reading to find out what happened and how you too can use the same tools and 3D models for your purposes – without any professional equipment or experience. […]

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NeRF and XReco: Transforming Immersive Content

Explore the innovative world of XR content creation with XReco’s NeRF testing. Join FFP Productions as they evaluate the capabilities of Neural Radiance Fields Technology (NeRF) and its potential impact on immersive experiences. Discover the fusion of 2D and 3D realms, blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. Watch the video to see the progress and possibilities. […]

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Revolutionising the Media Industry: Introducing XReco

What is XReco

XReco, an acronym for eXtended Reality mEdia eCOsystem, is a groundbreaking project co-funded by the European Commission to revolutionise the media industry. The objective is to create a novel, data-centric ecosystem that facilitates data sharing, exploration and retrieval, while fostering the development of news and entertainment content in XR (Extended Reality). […]

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