As a Horizon Europe project co-financed by the European Comission, XReco is obliged to publish its activities, milestones and ongoing processes.

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Data sharing infrastructure, neural

content description, rights management

and monetisation

Discover the first release of Deliverable 3.1, where the XReco project introduces the Neural Media Repository (NMR), a pioneering solution for data sharing, neural content description, and rights management.

This deliverable marks a crucial milestone, offering a comprehensive infrastructure for content indexing, search capabilities, and seamless integration across multiple sources. With innovative connectors to major content sources and advanced analysis services, Deliverable 3.1 paves the way for efficient content utilisation and monetisation.

Dive into the details to understand how XReco is transforming the landscape of digital rights and content management.

XR and Media Transformation Services, API and Authoring Tools

Deliverable D4.1 outlines crucial progress within the XReco project, detailing the development of advanced technologies for XR experience creation.

Focused on content filtering, neural rendering, asset aggregation, and volumetric content creation, these technologies are designed for integration into the XReco platform via a micro-service architecture for enhanced modularity.

These collective advancements aim to elevate XR application capabilities, driving innovation and enriching the immersive experience landscape.

Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation Plan

XReco is an eXtended Reality mEdia eCOsystem aiming to ease XR content creation and provide better access to content for media distributors, creators and consumers.

It seeks to create a data-driven ecosystem among media organizations and validate exploitation pathways.

XReco has two ecosystem layers, an integrator and an infrastructure ecosystem, and is focused on media, tourism, and mobility sectors. A Business Model Canvas has been created based on market analysis, and six core components for successful exploitation have been defined.


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