Stereopsia’s 14th edition showcased XReco’s visionary media sharing and XR content creation approach, fostering innovation and collaboration in immersive technologies.

Stereopsia, the foremost gathering for immersive technologies, brought together entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and academics.


At the event, the EUROPEAN XR AWARDS were presented and there was an exhibition area with fascinating demos and the XR Showcase. XReco was in the spotlight and presented its visionary approach to XR technologies.

In the XReco ecosystem, media storage acts as a floor that houses traditional and XR assets. Data adapters and neural descriptors served as roots that nourish the trunk of the Neural Media Repository. This platform facilitates asset management and sharing between organisations.

Leaves and flowers animate the ecosystem, enabling content discovery, copyright management and monetisation. Tools like NeRF enable the creation of 3D objects from 2D sources. In the crown of the XReco tree, various companies are thriving, using the fruits of the ecosystem to create immersive journalism, tourism and entertainment in the mobile space.

Stereopsia provided the perfect stage to launch XReco, foster collaboration and inspire innovation. Participants joined XReco at Stereopsia to embrace the future of XR, where technology and creativity intertwine to transform our reality.